Are you a business owner in need of a kick-start?

Maybe you are experiencing one of the following:

  • Your business is new and you’re struggling to grow it
  • Your business is established, but lacking sustainable processes
  • You’re overwhelmed with technology options and don’t know where to start
  • You’re feeling alone, overwhelmed and spinning your wheels


Shift Your Thoughts to Shape Your World

Support for Every Facet of Your Business

If you dream it, we do it. With honest feedback and authentic support, our subject matter experts help align your business with what you’re called to do

A Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Navigate the digital world with the strategies, technology, tools, and interactive systems you need to reach your audience and explode your sales

Professional Development Opportunities
Build meaningful connections, enhance your skills, and be a confident leader with our coaching, continuing education, and mentorships

Our Pillars

Tools Under the SHAPESHIFT World Umbrella

Reach your customers and promote your business through a robust combination of marketing products.

Close the knowledge gap and set yourself up for limitless success.


Reach your customers wherever they are with “360” —our comprehensive B2B digital marketing app.


Post engaging social media content while you sleep with the world’s first artificial intelligence social media guru.

Our experts will teach you how speak, talk and represent your brand with professionalism, poise and authority.

Magic happens when we work together. Inspire positive change by working in connection, collaboration and cooperation with other like-minded professionals.


Use our tools and services to sharpen your on-stage presentation skills, and secure your spot for keynote opportunities, podcasts and other speaker platforms.


Create positive relationships and habits (relatabits – see what we did there?) that improve communications with others and make meaningful connections.

Meet your new team.

Bruce Mason, DesignerRandy Bradley, Developer

Lorenzo Hickey


Karen Millerwise

LORENZO HICKEYhas helped form 18 leading-edge startup companies. Having earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting & MBA from Pepperdine University, and experience growing an organization of over 20,000 employees,  he is an expert at all facets of running a business.

As a founder of SHAPESHIFT WORLDhe is building a place where small and large businesses can create a fast path to cash through automated technology stacks, sales funnel development, and social media engagement. We are creating a community of likeminded entrepreneurs where the "power of WE elevates ME"!

KAREN MILLERWISEhas successfully led teams to develop national ad and marketing campaigns for Fortune 100 companies. Additionally, she has helped many national packaged goods companies develop and bring new products to market from soup to nuts. A cancer diagnosis caused Karen to re-evaluate her life and career choices and she began coaching Cancer patients, survivors and caregivers. 

Today she combines these talents at SHAPESHIFT World to support healing entrepreneurs set a clear vision how to masterfully brand and market their businesses. She has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and Management and MBA from Cal State Fullerton.

Discover Elevate Marketplace.

In 2017 we conceived of a marketplace where we could bring our customers to meet our community of like minded businesses that would help them grow as individuals and in business. Well that dream has turned into a reality in 2020.

Step inside and look around: download for free on your mobile device.


Samples Of Our Work:


ElevateBI Cards

ElevateBI cards are the digital media cards of the future. Network like a pro, connect fans, and drive sales with a sharable mobile interface that downloads onto your audiences phone like a mobile app!

Easily connect your entire community and business on an elegant mobile platform. It is an all one one business card, website, and marketing tool that shares in seconds and makes lasting impressions.

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Starting Your Journey Is Easy

It’s time to bring focus and clarity to your business, and SHAPESHIFT World can help. Through shared success, collaboration and cooperation, SHAPESHIFT World gives back to our business communities with trusted resources and technology capabilities.

Serving over 1000 businesses and counting, SHAPESHIFT world is your business’s general contractor—providing strategic steppingstones, integrity tools, and trusted feedback to align all parts of your life—so you can finally live your true purpose.


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Navigate the digital world with the strategies, technology, tools, and interactive systems you need to reach your audience and explode your sales


Step 3: Roadmap Creation

Using a 30/60/90 day format, we’ll create and execute a custom roadmap that gets results—so you can focus on what you love to do


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