Go mobile... Or go home.

The biggest challenges for small businesses, experts and messengers in leveraging the powerful platform of mobile apps has been cost and understanding how to use apps to reach more people, generate new clients, and make money with this amazing platform and technology.

When you look at resources and way to save you time and money, well now you have the best of both worlds. With our SHAPESHIFT Mobile App solutions your business moves to the cutting edge of sales technology. We have many ways to make you Mobile so lets connect.


Usage: The time spent per user on smartphone and in apps – 3hrs+ hours A DAY!


Apps vs. Mobile Web Browsing: Mobile users are spending 87 percent of their time IN apps, versus just 13 percent in mobile browsers.


Vs. Computers: In 2017 the mobile app platform exceeded the amount of internet and content time on computers. This trend is only growing as we begin the year of 2020.


Revenue: Mobile apps are projected to hit $188.9 billion in revenue by 2020. Make sure you get a piece of this revenue!


A mobile App Will Be The Most powerful Tool In Your Arsenal

One word: push notifications. I don't think I've sent out an email in ages. After getting my program members their login, they've been able to access all their course content right from the app. It is the ultimate way to build a digital community and drive sales with out-of-this-world open rates.

James Dunn - Coach/Educator

My entire world has gone from paper handouts at events to QR codes and mobile apps. I'm now able to track all my event attendees and seamlessly follow up with them. My app is now my primary tool when it comes to communication and sales!

Christian Gonzalez - Community Organizer